North American Power Reviews – Thoroughly Reviewed

North American Power Reviews

North American Power Reviews

You’re probably looking for North America Power Reviews because you’re thinking about partnering with this company or you’re already a representative with them.

Whichever one you are, this North American Power Review will have something specific for you.

In this North American Power Review I want to give you something you may not have encountered before now.

I feel that it’s very important that before making a major business decision such as joining a new company that you’re provided with the most accurate information available – so that you’re able to make a well-educated decision about whether or not you want to go into business with the company.

So what I’m going to do is provide for you a 2 part North American Power Review.

I’ve been in the home based business industry for over 6 years now so I understand the importance of being properly informed and getting information from more than one perspective.

In this first part of my North American Power Review, I’m going to give you a 3rd party review of the company as I’m not a part of this business.  I’m going to be going over the company background, products, enrollment options, and comp plan.

In the second part of this North American Power Review, I’m going to actually interview a current North American Power Representative to get an insider’s perspective of what this company really offers and so you can get a unique perspective from someone who’s actually currently building their North America Power business.

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North American Power Reviews – Company Background

North American Power is a multi-level marketing company that offers “green energy.”  NA Power is currently available in three states however their headquarters are in Norwalk Connecticut.

Kerry Breibart and Carey Turnbull founded this company and the two of them combined have over 50 years of experience in the energy market.

Because of the vast experience of these two men in the energy market, everyone who partners with this company can be confident NA Power’s continued high quality service and has ease of mind as the company continues to expand the energy market continues to deregulate.

North American Power Reviews – The Product

North American Power offers green electricity to both residential customers and small businesses.  According to their corporate website, anyone who switches to NA Powers will be able to save significant amounts on their electricity bill simply by signing up for their service.

NA Power also claims that 25% to 100% of the energy they provide is generated from clean energy sources.  They have also trademarked their “Green Service” that includes solar, water and wind energy.

North American Power Reviews – Enrollment Options

If you’d like to get started with NAP you can do so by paying a low $49 fee.  If you happen to be a college student you can actually get started free.  I find this very interesting and beneficial to young entrepreneurs who’d like to get started in business for themselves.

North American Power Reviews – Payment Structure

It seems that NPA has a lucrative compensation plan that allows you to earn both upfront cash and leveraged residuals from customers and personal team members.

For signing up a residential customer you can earn $15, for a business account you’ll earn $40 in fast start bonuses.  You’ll also earn $100 for every new representative you bring in on your team and help get 5 personal customers in their first month.

You’ll also early monthly residuals by acquiring a energy customer base.  These residuals can be produced by your own personal efforts as well as the combined efforts or your entire team.

Once you hit the required criteria, you’ll qualify to receive $5 overrides on every customer your team brings in as an additional customer bonus.

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North American Power Reviews – Conclusion

North American Power Review

North American Power Review

According to my findings on North American Power, I would conclude that is company is extremely reputable with a solid business model.  NPA seems to have a structure for success if you wish to build you income with this business.

However there’s one thing I must mention.  After reading this entire North American Power Review I want to make sure you understand that your individual success with NPA is reliant on your personal ability to bring in new customers and team members – and that is in turn dependent on your personal ability to market – Thus NPA being in the Network “Marketing” niche.

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Meet you at the TOP!

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North American Power Reviews

North American Power Review


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