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This page is specifically for you if you’re wanting to become an official SEO Rebel Member and join our exclusive membership site.

If there’s one thing I love more than internet marketing, it’s teaching others how to build wildly successful businesses online and massively surpass their current traffic and income levels.

Our membership site is laser focused on showing you how to increase your traffic, build your list  and increase your current monthly revenue by adding several other vital components to the traffic generation techniques I share here on my blog.

I LOVE what I do and I take it very seriously. So, I want to work closely with a community of people who are serious about turning internet marketing into a true stable business and an infinite source of income for themselves as well – because, as I’ve exemplified in my weekly traffic case studies, teamwork makes the dream work! ;) .

I struggled in this industry for 7 years before I actually “got the hang of it” and really learned how drive REAL traffic through building relationships with REAL people.

Not by pining after some snooty Google bot to come and sniff my site.

It took me a lot of trial and error, ridiculous mistakes, and back aching long nights sitting in my computer chair to figure this out – and thankfully, I finally stumbled across my fairy traffic God Mother…

Kim Roach has been an absolute God sent in my business and was the first guru, “non-guru” internet marketer that really dug in deep and showed me exactly how to build a true online business and drive real server shattering traffic.

Implementing Kim’s exact strategies landed me on the front of BizSugar’s blog (a high traffic small business community website) as their Featured Contributor to the Week, got me an unsolicted feature guest post on Lisa Irby’s 2 Create A Website Blog (one of the most highly trafficked blogs in the IM/Affiliate marketing niche), sent me 8,552+ visitors, 429+ Facebook likes, 117+ Retweets, 144+ Facebook shares and 112+ New Subscribers in only 34 days

…Using nothing but FREE marketing strategies…

As I’m sure you can tell from reading my posts and emails, I only publish solid, actionable content…No BS…No Hype…

And I stand behind only the best of the best when it comes to traffic generation and online business development.

Our SEO Rebel community is built around the traffic generation and business building principles I learned from Kim.  And, I’ve designed our SEO Rebel membership site as a FREE bonus when you grab your copy of Kim’s Traffic Dashboard because  I want to make sure you FULLY understand exactly how to produce the results you want.

My aim is to layout a simple step-by-step blue print for you to follow so that you’re able to have the same experiences I’ve had as a  result of being a member of our community.

Inside our membership site you’ll receive your own exclusive membership username and password to gain access to 3 bonus videos I recorded for you – revealing the exact behind the scenes details of how I generate traffic.

You’ll get to watch me LIVE as I go through my top 3 traffic driving strategies and witness first hand how to step-by-step implement exactly what I do to produce results.

Plus, you’ll get unlimited direct access to me in our private forum where I’ll be sharing additional traffic tips and tid bits. And, you’ll have free range to ask any questions you have about business building and traffic generation.

To become an Official SEO Rebel Member and claim your 3 Free bonus videos, here’s what you need to do next:

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Step 3.) Once you’ve gotten your login details, you’ll have access to
our membership site and your 3 Free videos.

See you on the inside!


P.S. Our SEO Rebel Membership Site is really starting to take on a life
of its own. The 3 Free videos are just the beginning. Just wait ’till
you get a gander at the other traffic rockets we’ve got coming down
the shaft ;)