Jobs for Students At Home

jobs for students at home

I’ve just come across one of the BEST jobs for students at home.  I’m so excited about it because this is finally something I can do in my spare time and work around my busy class schedule.

I can’t tell you the many hours I’ve spent looking for student home jobs on, Career builder, and even Craigslist searching for a job that would be able to suit my class schedule.  I mean, it can get pretty redundant and tiresome ya’ know?

Resume’, Application…

Resume’, Application…

Rinse and repeat…

I’m sure you understand because you’ve probably been down the same job hunt path as me.

Now, this student home job isn’t the first job that I’ve had were I’ve been able to work at home, in fact I’ve had several.  Actually, I’ll share a couple of them with you…

Jobs for Students At Home #1

I’ve been a Tele-commute sales rep or tele-marketer.  I HATED that job with a SERVER passion.  I was selling diabetic test supplies to medicare recipients.  It was awful.  Yeah I could work form home and work my own hours but I hated working when I did.  So obviously that student home job didn’t last very long.  Not to say that is a bad industry, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Jobs for Students At Home 2#

I actually did paid surveys from home on my laptop for a while.  Now, I’ve seen that you can make pretty good money taking surveys however, consistently clicking radio buttons, typing in my information, and staring at a screen reading question upon question gets pretty boring to me after a while.  So while I’ve seen the amount of money that can be made taking surveys, It’s actually never kept my interest long enough to really see the rewards.  So yeah, my ADHD won out on that one ;-)

So anyway, jobs for students at home are indeed everywhere but like I said I’ve never come across one that’s actually as fun, flexible and rewarding as the one I do now.  Not to mention the money.  I work about ten hours of less per week and make anywhere from $400 to $500 a weekly.  Not too bad if you ask me :-)   I don’t know if it’ll work out for you or not but at least it’s a way for you to be able to get a student home job that fits around your class schedule, be able to work from home, and make some good money.

Just click the link below to apply online.

Jobs for Students at Home <— Apply Online

God bless!

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Jobs for Students At Home


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