Independence Energy Alliance Review

Independence Energy Alliance Review

If you’re reading this article it’s more than likely because you’re looking for a solid Independence Energy Alliance Review.  Well, I want to first commend you for doing your research, it show’s your thoroughness and character. :- ) You may be a current partner with IEA or you might be in the process of deciding whether or not you want to join them.  Either one, this article will have something for you.  In this Independence Energy Alliance Review, I’m going to cover the company’s background, products, enrollment options, and the compensation.  I’ll also go over some pertinent information that you may not be aware of.

Independence Energy Alliance Review – Company Background

Independence Energy Alliance is a multi level marketing company that offers energy services to households in deregulated energy areas.  Their ultimate goal is to empower people by providing them with positive energy options.  They also wish to further help people by showing them how to become financially free and gain economic independence.

Independence Energy Alliance Review – Company Enrollment Terms

If you wish partner with IEA and become an associate, you can pay the $369.00 fee for the Welcome Kit.  This Welcome Kit includes a $21.95 monthly payment for two personalized websites.  This website allows all the customers you acquire to quickly and easily sign up with you.  This website also allows any new associates you sponsor onto your team to sign up with ease.

Independence Energy Alliance Review – Compensation Plan

IEA’s compensation plan has a variety of ways in which associates can earn commissions.  Commissions are earned from personal sales volume, team sales volume, customer energy usage, enrolling new customers, as well as Accelerator Bonuses.  Compensation is also earned through monthly leadership residual income, weekly leadership bonuses and many other bonuses.

Independence Energy Alliance Review – Should You Partner With Them?

Independence Energy Alliance is a stable company that is extremely successful and in good standing.  They offer a service that is needed here in today’s market place.  However, if you hope to become successful with them a build a sustainable and viable business, you’ll need to know how to get new customers weekly as well as bring on new associates to join your team.  You see, it’s important that you understand the principals of marketing, thus the name of the industry that this company is in – Network “Marketing”.

Independence Energy Alliance Review – How Do You Build It?

You could opt to build Independence Energy Alliance through offline methods by making a laundry list of your friends and family to call to see if they’d be interested in joining your company.  However, this isn’t really an ideal business model because what happens when you run of people to talk to?  The most important thing you need in any business is consistent lead flow – people who’ve already shown interest in what you have to offer.  See, the potential problem with gong to friends and family is that they may not even be interested in what you have, yet alone interested in joining your team.  The best way I’ve found to market and build a customer base and partners is through leveraging the power of the internet.

What the internet allows you to do is get your business and information in front of people who are looking to buy what you have to offer right at the very moment that they’re ready purchase.

Think about this for a second.  How did you arrive to this article? Most likely you got here through doing a search on Google or another major search engine.  You saw this in the results and clicked on it to get more information about Independence Energy Alliance.  Now you’re reading this article to get more information about this company to aid you in your decision about joining them.  This is most likely the case.  So imagine if you were able to do exactly what I’ve done here with this article and get your information about this company, or anything else you’d like, to be on the first page of Google where it’s right there in front of people who already have it in their mind to make a purchase or join the company.  Isn’t that powerful?

Marketing business through the internet marketing is an absolute goldmine and will allow you to rapidly become successful in this company.  You just have to learn some specific skills to be able implement it properly so that you’re able to generate leads, sales, and commissions through the internet all hours of the day.  Once you master it, you will be able to command instant income whenever you want.  In fact, not only will you’ll be able to use the internet to build Independence Energy Alliance, you’ll also be able earn 100% commissions in addition to what you earn with IEA as you learn the skills.


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Independence Energy Alliance Review


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