A UNIQUE Way To Add LASER Targeted Friends On Facebook And Recruit Leaders

So you need to know how to network on Facebook?

How To Network On Facebook

How To Network On Facebook

Awesome!  Facebook is the holy grail of traffic on the internet (next to Google – for now).  I’m going to share you a specific way of how to network on Facebook so that you’re only connecting with leaders to potentially partner with.

If you’re in a network marketing or mlm business, then of course you need leads and prospects to talk to and Facebook is an awesome way to find them.  The Facebook method that I’ll be referring to is going to be aimed towards recruiting leaders in other MLM businesses rather than just recruiting people that are only interested or curious about the industry.

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How To Network On Facebook – What You Need To Understand

Before I get into the details of how to network on Facebook using this method, you need to first understand something.  It’s VERY important that what you have to offer the leaders you connect with on Facebook is going to be something to HELP them with their CURRENT business rather than trying to recruit them into you’re primary company.  Why?

Listen, in this industry is all about helping others get what they want, right?  If you’re able to show other leaders how to increase their income, production, results and sales by offering a marketing system or tool that will show them how, you will inevitably get what you want.  It may not be in the form of that specific leader joining your MLM however, the end result of offering the leader a way to help them further their business will be just as rewarding.

So, before you begin this Facebook networking technique you need to first possess a marketing system or tool that will help grow their current business.  Click here to see the system I use.

How To Network On Facebook – Pick Your Target

To begin adding targeted Facebook contacts go to the search box and type in a specific MLM company name.  It could be your specific company, or whatever company you choose.  I would suggest that you target well known MLM’s such as Amway, Prepaid Legal, Herbalife etc.  Click on people and Facebook with bring up a list of people on Facebook that are associated with the MLM company you typed in.

You’re focus needs to be on the specific people that have the company name listed as their place of work.  Now this is important because the psychology behind this is that 1.) You now that they’re serious about this industry, their company, and their business and 2.)  People who have specific MLM companies listed as their work place are usually leaders or up and coming leaders.  Targeting Facebook people in this way also allows you to skip over all of the tire kickers and skeptics as well as the people that are not hard workers and don’t take the industry seriously.

Next, go through and start adding people.  I suggest that you only add 20 people per day, no more than 30.  Any more than that and you stand the chance of Facebook shutting your account down, you don’t want that.  Also be sure that after every friend request you send a brief message introducing yourself to get a dialogue started.  Ask questions and really be interested in them to start building a rapport and trust.

You can also head over to the groups area on Facebook and target groups with specific MLM company names.  I would focus more on groups that have fewer members in them, usually no more than 100 or 150.  Groups with small numbers usually are a specific team in a company and have people that are actively engaged in the group and actively building their business.  I also wouldn’t join the group, just add the members in the group as friends.  If really doesn’t make sense to join a group of a company you aren’t a part of.

How To Network On Facebook – Help Them Get What They Want

Remember that you’re looking to start a dialogue with these people and build trust and rapport.  In the midst of the dialogue ask them more about what they do, how they’re training their team, and how their marketing their business.  Naturally they will ask you more about you and what you do, and that would be a good opportunity for you to offer them a system and tool as a way to help them grow they’re team.

Click here now to see the best marketing system to offer them and learn how you can earn 100% Commissions.

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How To Network On Facebook

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