How to Make Money For Christmas How to Make Money For Christmas

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Everyone’s in a frenzy thinking about how to make money for Christmas. Trying to make some exta cash for Christmas is actually much easier then you probably think, you need money and you need it fast!

I can totally understand.

It wasn’t too long ago I was sitting in the same place you are, contemplating how to make money for Christmas too. I’ve done just about everything under the sun to make extra cash for the holidays. From selling old clothes and shoes, to even selling my plasma at a plasma bank for the little $50 they pay. Yes, even selling plasma.

So, are you willing to go that far to make money for Christmas? Lol, I didn’t think so, or maybe your are, BUT WAIT there’s no need to go THAT far. Here’s some simple easy ways to make some great money for Christmas, fast!

How To Make Money for Christmas – Ideas #1:

Spend someone else’s money on presents: Now THAT’S an idea eh? :-) I don’t actually mean to spend others money on your Christmas gifts, I mean to OFFER to do their Christmas shopping for them. And get paid to do it! Let’s face it, you probably hate Christmas shopping as much as the you’re neighbor, so why not do the Christmas shopping for the people in your neighborhood and/or town and get PAID to do it. Everybody benefits, you get the money you need for presents and they don’t have the headache of Christmas shopping. You’re actually getting paid for the headache :-) However you want to charge them is your business, per/hr, flat rate? This is an excellent way to make money for your Christmas as well as to help your friends get their shopping done early, and yours too!

How To Make Money for Christmas – Ideas #2:

Decorate someone else s house: I’m sure there’s plenty of local people who’d love to pay you for your awesome decorating skills :-) Even if they aren’t all that awesome you could still get paid for them. Go around your town and offer Christmas decorating services. A good place to start is with the senior citizens in your area, as they may have difficulty moving about to decorate the way they’d like too. Again, the way you charge for this service is completely up to to you. BONUS: This is also a great way to spend some quality time with your family and kids and get them involved in the Christmas spirit. Instead of Christmas caroling this year, go out family Christmas decorating! :-)

How To Make Money for Christmas #3:

Wrap other peoples presents. Another awesome make to make some doe :-) this is a good service to offer, especially family that have tons of presents or for older people who may have arthritis in their hands and can’t wrap presents as good as they used to. Get the word out about your new service with some some flyers, Craigslist, word of mouth, or you could even slap a flyer up in you back window shield to advertise your services as you run errands. People will probably see that and tailgate you to get your help :-) Just tack a small fee on for the service and you’ve got some extra cash. In fact you can make a family thing out of it, do some holiday service with your kids. It’s a great way to spend quality, help out some folks, all while making the cash you need.

How To Make Money for Christmas#4:

Send and pick up other peoples packages. Don’t ya’ just hate to standing a long post office line? I know I do lol, so why not get paid to do it. Another fantastic way to earn some money. You know the drill, charge a flat/hourly fee on it and boom! You’ve got money! This one might not be a good family thing like the others were, unless you don’t have any other option or don’t mind having hyper little ones around :-)

How To Make Money for Christmas – Ideas #5:

Sell your old junk: Well, this method is pretty self explanatory. Roll up your sleeves, go into your attic, basement or closet and pull all the old junk you, your kids, or family have no use for anymore and sell it. You could hold a house sell, where you set up everything in your living room like a mini Goodwill and let people have a go at it. Or you could use the internet, take some pics of the stuff and sell it on Ebay or Craiglist. This is a great way to make a few 100 bucks easy.

How To Make Money for Christmas#6:

Sell your friends junk. I can understand if you have a hard time parting will you own junk, I do too. So sell your friends junk. Call around and see if they have some things they need or want to get rid of and see if they’ll let you sell it for them. Maybe offer them a cut of the profits? Doesn’t hurt to ask :-)

How To Make Money for Christmas#7:

Hold a back sell! Everybody loves Christmas goodies, and ya’ can’t go wrong will holiday sweet treats. So whip ‘em up and get to selling. Don’t know how to cook? Ask around. Your mom, grandma, aunt, sister, cousin, hey even your dad if he knows his way around the kitchen. Join up with someone who knows how to work an oven and start baking. You could split the profits or keep ‘em for your self, that is if your partner doesn’t mind :-)

All these methods are great ways to make money for the Christmas holiday, you could even tie them all together and really rack up. I’ve done them all, but recently I’ve come across a way to make extra money all throughout the year. I put in about 10 hours of work per week and make anywhere from $400 to $500 a week. Which ain’t too shabby :-) I don’t know if it’ll work out for you or not but at least it’s a way for you to be able to make money for Christmas fast and be able to buy all the Christmas gifts you want for your family. It’s crazy easy and may just be life changing for you. I know it was for me. Check it out below…

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How to make money for Christmas

How to make money for Christmas

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