History of New Years Resolutions – Where Did It Come From? History of New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, time for “new year resolutions”.  Though we make them every year, have you ever stopped to think about the history of New Years resolutions?  In this post I’ll cover the history of New Years resolutions and share one of the most popular New Years resolutions that helped me to make a true change in my life.

History of New Years Resolutions – What Are We Really Celebrating?

Out of all the holidays we celebrate, New Years is the oldest.  It originates with the Babylonians who initially celebrated new years on March 23rd.  The Babylonian New Year was a 2 week celebration for the upcoming crop season.

January 1st wasn’t always deemed new years and it doesn’t mark the beginning of a new year in all cultures.  Jan. 1st is only considered the new year if the culture abides by a 365 day calendar.

History of New Years Resolutions – Carrying On The Tradition

While, the Babylonians originally initiated the New Year tradition 4000 years ago, the Romans continued the tradition in 153 B.C with Janus, a Roman king who had two faces.  These two faces were said to be able to look back at past events and forward into the future at the same time.

To mark the holiday, Romans would give gifts and swear promises to Janus (Janus = January) to ensure good fortune in the New Year.  Today we still practice this tradition in the form of vows to improve ourselves.

So what’s my personal history with New Years Resolutions?

Watch the video I made below about my personal history with New Years Resolutions and hear how my resolution this year will impact not only my life, but thousands of others.

God Bless!

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History of New Years Resolutions

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