great affiliate programs

Great Affiliate Programs

There are many great affiliate programs out here on the internet.  However, there are some great affiliate programs that are actually better than others.  How would you know which affiliate programs beat out all the rest?  I decided to go ahead and get this post out today to share 3 characteristics of great affiliate programs.  In fact, I’ll actually suggest one affiliate program that’s proven to be downright phenomenal for me over the past couple of weeks.

Great Affiliate Programs, What Do I Look For?

1.)  Recurring Commissions – In my opinion, Great Affiliate Programs should always incorporate some form of residual income into their payment structure.  Why?  One word… LEVERAGE.  You must be able to leverage your time and efforts and a residual pay plan is a awesome way to do that, especially if the company has a high converting sales funnel.  An example would be paying a monthly charge for a PEOPLE magazine subscription.  If someone bought that magazine directly through you’re affiliate portal, then you’ll earn a commission every month the customer pays the subscription charge.  Just think about the growth you would accrue monthly as you continue to expand your customer base.  Talk about financial stability :-)

2.)  Affiliate Support and Training – Great Affiliate Programs always have adequate support and training in place for their affiliates because they know that it is vital to be able to generate income for you and for the company.  However, not all Great Affiliate Programs have effective support and training that gets resultsYou want to make sure there’s an open line of communication between the company and their affiliates.  This is important so you are kept in the loop about important company information and/or changes.  You’ll also want to make sure they have effective marketing training that will show how to market online or offline effectively in ways that will get you money, FAST.

3.)  Compensation Percentage – This is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that Great Affiliate Programs should have.  There are many Great Affiliate Programs out there that have a 40%, 50%, and even a 75% compensation plan.  I’m even apart of some that have those percentages, and although I’ve done ok with them, I’ve never really made the type of money I felt like I deserved.  Until, I came across a phenomenal affiliate program that actually pays 100% commissions, yes 100%.

Great Affiliate Programs, so what is it?

When I saw this program I was absolutely floored because there no other program on the internet right now that will let you keep ALL of the profits.  The name of the company is Empower Network.  Before Empower Network the only way anyone was able to keep all the profits from a product is if it was your own personal product.  The Empower Network has truly revolutionized the affiliate and internet marketing industry and it’s a serious game changer for all internet marketers.

To find out more about the Empower Network and their 100% commissions compensation plan click the following link –>>Great Affiliate Programs<<–

God Bless!

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Great Affiliate Programs

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