Hot Ways Of Generating Web Traffic (Blogging 101 – Part 2 ½ )

Alright, so now that we’ve covered some of the most popular paid ways generating web Generating Web Traffictraffic, we’ll go over the free methods.  The first free method of generating web traffic goes back to what I covered in part 1 of this series.  It’s all about PERMANENT flyers and business cards.

Owning a blog is truly a gold mine, especially because it allows you not only to permanently advertise your business, services or products, it also allows you to rent ad space to other potential advertisers, giving everyone involved on your site permanent flyers and business cards.

It’s important that you’re generating a substantial and sustainable amount of traffic to your blog site, otherwise not matter how pretty or flashy your site it, you will make no money and get not recognition, customers or clients.  While paid traffic is great, I understand that not everyone has the funds to pay for their traffic when they are just getting started online.  The next best thing to do is FREE marketing and advertising.

Free marketing online is a wonderful long-term method of generating web traffic.  Paid traffic is designed to give you upfront fast traffic, money, customers/clients.  However, when you stop paying so does the traffic.  That is why even though you may have the money to initially start paid marketing online, it’s important to also do free online advertising as well.  This is done through what is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social networks.

Let’s first talk about social networks (Facebook and Twitter).  Social networks are like the word-of-mouth marketing of the internet.  Social networks are HUGE in the online advertising space and have the power to bring in a TON of new business and exposure.  I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter, you might even have an account with them.  If you marketing properly and build a following on these networks, you could build a long-term exposure for your business and have a sustainable venue of generating web traffic.

Generating Web Traffic By Generating MASSIVE Buzz

You can create buzz about your business on FB by creating what’s call a Facebook Fanpage, I’m sure you’ve heard of these by now.  These are pages that businesses, celebrities, public figures, etc. create of Facebook and people “like” and “share” them.  They more people that “like” and “share” your page with their network of FB friends the more exposure you will receive, the more business you will get, and the more money you will make.

Twitter works in a similar way.  Twitter is designed to get lots of people following you who have the same interests.  The larger your following is on twitter the more free traffic you will get.  The trick to making Twitter and Facebook work for you is to specific target the kind of people that you are following on twitter, and you are befriending on Facebook.

Check out their profiles before you befriend them and see if their interest is in line with you offer or blog about.  This will increase the chances of the person following you back our “liking” and “sharing” your information with their friends.  Also be sure that whenever you blog, to share you post on your Facebook page and twitter timeline.  The more you post and share the more chances for you getting more exposure and generating web traffic.

The final free method of generating web traffic is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  This is by far the VERY best way to generate traffic.  SEO allows you to build an online empire and a long-term cash cow (assuming you have the right business, product, service).  In tomorrow’s post I will start a mini-series within this Blogging 101 series that will go over the magic of SEO and teach you how to earn massive amounts of money through mastering the art of blogging and SEO.

Stay Tuned!

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Generating Web Traffic

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