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I tell you it’s absolutely amazing the amount of value that’s packed into The Empower Network community, resources, and products, especially the Inner Circle.  I’ve been involved with internet marketing for over 6 years now and I have NEVER seen anything remotely like what the Empower Network Inner Circle offers.  Before I actually, go into my Empower Network Inner Circle review (well actually my review of the awesomeness of Empower Network as a whole), I just want to share the story of how I came to learn about Empower Network.

In fact, the story of how I was actually introduced to Empower Network is pretty funny.  About a few days before it launched I’d heard a lot of buzz about it and my inbox was jumping with email promotions from people (leaders actually) who were trying to get me involved before it went live to the public.  For a while I ignored them, deleted them, as I thought that this was yet another shinny object to distract me.  The last emailed I opened, I was actually invited to the first live UStream that Dave and Dave did promoting Empower Network in its secret pre-launch stages.

I did attend the UStream, but I got very little of it because of my multi-tasking : ).  In fact I think I was doing some Facebook marketing for another marketing system while I was attempting to listen in on the stream, so obviously my ability to grasp the full concept of what they were offering and about to release to the public was severely hindered.

After that first UStream, needless to say I didn’t join and went on promoting the other marketing system and my primary business.  During this time I was actually in a plateau of sorts in my business and was looking for a way to dig my way out.  A few days later, I received a phone call from a prospect that’d saw my information somewhere on the internet and she asked me if I knew anything about Empower Network and if I was involved with it.  I told her I’d heard of it, but wasn’t involved and proceeded to pitch her on my primary business.  Clever eh? lol

Of course, she didn’t join my business, and I actually didn’t really expect that she would, but when we hung up, I decided that maybe this Empower Network was worth me taking a real gander at.  So I went to the capture page, opted in, proceed to watch the sales video (with the intent of taking an objective look at it through a marketers eyes).  As I proceeded to watch this amazing sales video, I was inevitably hypnotically enticed into whipping out my credit and just getting in!  And boy am I happy I did!

I started off with the $25 blogging platform and was impressed by the ease of use and set-up in the back office.  I’d already had my own blog and I was working hard on getting more traffic and backlinks to it.  Once I started using my new Empower Network blog and cross back linking them to each other, my traffic and Alexa ranking drastically increased!  I was pumped!

I ended up making my $25 investment back in only two days from some random person that found me on the 1st page of Google!  So I decided to upgrade to the $100 Inner circle and I made that investment back the very same day I upgraded!  Talk about being excited about 100% commissions!

Needless to say I was completely sold on Empower Network, the community, the training, the system, ALL of it!  Empower Network truly has the most phenomenal blogging platform ever, but what I feel I’ve gotten the most value out of so far is the community and the Inner Circle interviews.  Those things are freaking fantastic!

Empower Network Inner Circle


The other week I was riding the bus, doing some errands and I was listening to the mp3 downloads of the Inner Circle interviews, and when I tell you a light bulb went off in my head, that’s an understatement, more like fireworks went off in my head!

In fact, take a look at this video I made about it…

This video review was watched by the phenomenal Tracey Walker.  I’m partnered with her as part of the Dream Team in the Empower Network.Empower Network Inner Circle Review  When she saw my video, would you believe that she actually took the time to take this video, watch it, evaluate my brand, take this concept and brainstorm it, actually discuss it on the phone with another one of her business partners and come up with an amazing cash cow of an idea that she freely GAVE me free of charge! Lol.  What was the idea? Take a look…

Empower Network Dream Team Skype Chat: 12-20-2011

[6:12:14 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: Ti, if you’re around…let me know.  I just had a revelation about where you could take your brand as Ti, the Bus Ridin Internet Marketer!!!!

[6:16:52 PM] Ti Roberts: I’m here

[6:16:53 PM] Ti Roberts: lol

[6:16:58 PM] Ti Roberts: :)

[6:17:36 PM] Ti Roberts: great! would LOVE your feedback

[6:29:55 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: So…I was thinking…

[6:30:04 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: on a larger scale for your brand

[6:30:10 PM] Ti Roberts: ok…

[6:30:13 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: what if…

[6:30:32 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: you actually began to ride the bus, almost like a secret internet marketer

[6:30:45 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: you talk to people, get their views on issues

[6:30:58 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: then use those interviews as content

[6:31:09 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: almost like secret millionaire

[6:31:20 PM] Ti Roberts: Ahhh! Yeah! :D

[6:31:32 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: becasue 1 day you will NOT be or need to ride the bus

[6:31:43 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: but with that as a brand, you will need to reinvent it

[6:32:14 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: so I was thinking that you could evolve  into a person who rides the bus, in an effort to find people to help change their life

[6:32:41 PM] Ti Roberts: Right, that’s a WONDERFUL idea!

[6:33:01 PM] Ti Roberts: I was thinking along those lines as well….

[6:33:06 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: you could essentially help take people from buses to bentleys!

[6:33:16 PM] Ti Roberts: but didn’t really have the full picture yet..

[6:33:21 PM] Ti Roberts: this is a GREAT spin!

[6:33:22 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: so we gotta get you on track first…for the credibility

[6:33:45 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: you can go to any city and ride the bus to find someone to help for the month ideally

[6:34:07 PM] Ti Roberts: wow :) ok…

[6:34:09 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: then we can make it a reality show!!! 8-)

[6:34:16 PM] Ti Roberts: OMG!

[6:34:21 PM] Ti Roberts: Are WHOA!

[6:34:28 PM] Ti Roberts: A reality show?

[6:34:39 PM] Ti Roberts: Now THAT’S thinking HUGE!

[6:34:54 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: i’m just sayin…your vision has got to be big and expand as you expand

[6:35:01 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: so think big girl

[6:35:07 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: you have an awesome spin..

[6:35:13 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: claim it, own it and work it!!!

[6:35:22 PM] Ti Roberts: wow….

[6:35:27 PM] Ti Roberts: that’s amazing..

[6:35:29 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: u feel me?

[6:35:38 PM] Ti Roberts: Yes, I’m on board with that

[6:35:44 PM] Ti Roberts: I don’t yet have a mobile camera yet

[6:35:44 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: (flex)

[6:36:09 PM] Ti Roberts: Yes but I can take my laptop out and use it to record vids i suppose

[6:36:14 PM] Ti Roberts: :)

[6:36:42 PM] Ti Roberts: WOW! I LOVE this idea!

[6:37:21 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: whatever works

[6:37:48 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: of course you would have to let people know that they will be on youtube

[6:38:02 PM] Ti Roberts: Right

[6:38:17 PM] Ti Roberts: OMG! This could really work and BLOW UP!

[6:38:42 PM] Ti Roberts: NOW THIS! Is whey MASTERMINDS are so freaking awesome!

[6:38:43 PM] Ti Roberts: lol

[6:39:46 PM] $$ Tracey Walker $$: (rofl)

[6:39:52 PM] Ti Roberts: lol

[6:40:00 PM] Ti Roberts: :D

I mean really?  How many people can say that they get an idea to create a brand, and then share it with an awesome team and community that helps you cultivate your brand and then turn around and give you an idea to turn it into a reality show?  Now THAT is true masterminding!  And that shows the TRUE power of being involved in the Empower Network and being connected with influential leaders and people.

The Empower Network Inner circle is absolutely phenomenal and I 100% recommend it if you’re really serious about taking your business to the next level and sky rocketing it into the next dimension then JUST GET IN!

God Bless!

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Ti Roberts



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Empower Network Inner Circle Review



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