Empower Network Dream Team

Empower Network Dream Team

Today’s post is about the Empower Network Dream Team, which I am PROUDLY apart of!

If you’re reading this blog post right now then you’re probably looking for a team to join within the Empower Network or you’re probably already in EN and you’re looking to see what other teams have to offer (for one reason or another) or you’re probably already a part of our EN DT – and if so… shout out to YOU FAM! ;-)

There are SO many awesome and amazing people in The Empower Network Community.  Nearly everyone involved in our EN community are real and authentic people who are destined for greatness and prosperity.

I can’t speak for every team within Empower Network.  I’m sure that they all have they’re specific things that they offer to help everyone that joins them but today’s post is focusing solely on what the Empower Network Dream Team has to offer you.

For one, our Empower Network Dream Team is head up by none other than the Fabulous Ms. Tracey Walker.

Tracey Walker is pretty much the pioneer female blogger in the internet marketing industry and is a leader and top earner both in the Internet Marketing niche and the Empower Network.  Tracey is a true visionary and has an attractive “No BS” leadership and training style that I and my fellow teammates love and thrive off of.

Aside from our awesome leadership, the Empower Network Dream Team also has a TON of additional resources and trainings that are laid out so simple a child in kindergarten could follow them.

While some of the things the Empower Network Dream Team offers our teammates may be similar to other EN teams, there’s one thing for me that truly sets the DT apart from the others.

And that is the ridiculous amount of synergy and leadership that’s within our team.  We are a VERY connected and involved team.  I get to literally watch, see and hear the amazing souls and positive spirits of my teammates on our Daily Mid-Day Motivational conference calls.

The video below goes into further detail about these conference calls and what the Empower Network Dream Team has in place for our teammates:

I feel very honored and blessed to not only be a part of such an revolutionary company and community but to also be a part of a team that pours into my life experience daily like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  I’m forever grateful to both Empower Network and my phenomenal Dream Team.

To join our Dream Team vision and the Empower Network revolution, click here now.

Meet you at the top!

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Empower Network Dream Team


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