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Empower Network and the Veteran Marketer

Many veteran Internet Marketers saw the Empower Network, and immediately dismissed it as the next shiny object to suck people in – never looking at the power behind it! What they are now finding out is that the Empower Network is an awesome tool that can be used by veteran and new marketers alike.  So what does the Empower Network have to offer the seasoned marketer that they don’t already have?

Even the powerhouse marketers know that when they bring someone into internet marketing, whether it’s through a marketing system or through a network marketing business, it can be LABOR INTENSIVE! So much so, that the seasoned marketer really doesn’t have time to deal with it all! You know the phone calls – ‘my autoresponder isn’t working’; ‘It has been 2 whole days, and I haven’t generated one lead’; ‘how do I connect the knee leg bone to the thigh bone’ – You know the calls, because you received them!

Empower Network Relieves Stress for the Veteran Marketer

The Empower Network offers something that no other program can offer – a plug and play system that even a 6 year old could use! There is no ‘technical difficulty’. There shouldn’t be any calls that seem to take FOREVER to fix one little problem! Now, veteran marketers can market this system to their followers without worry of if the people they sponsor will be able to handle it. No more wondering if that new person is going to sink or swim!… If they’ll make any money… None of that!

The training in the Empower Network is a veteran marketers dream! The Fast Start training videos tell you EXACTLY what you need to do, when to do it, and how often! There is no need to have a ‘mastermind’ on basic marketing techniques. The Empower Network training videos and calls will do all that for you! Wooo…. Do I smell a little more freedom for veteran marketers to grow some more?? Do I hear the voicemail emptying out to leave space for leads to leave a message, instead of a voicemail full of calls from junior marketers calling for help? You’d better believe it!

The pay off for the vet from the Empower Network is the PAY! When you get your folks plugged into the Empower Network, watch your bank account SWELL! You get the 100% commissions… ON THE SPOT! Did I tell you that you get every 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale from the person you sponsored, and THEN every 5th one from then on… FOREVER…! How’s THAT for residual income?! …  What’s more is that the Empower Network already provides the sales funnel for the upgrades! You just need to share the Empower Network and let the system do the rest!

Ready to free up more of your time? Join the Empower Network NOW!

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