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Today I wanted to do a Dani Johnson book review.  I’ve been a die hard fan of Dani Johnson for a little over a year now.  I actually first came across Dani Johnson about five years ago on the internet.  If only I had paid attention and put her principals into action when I first came across her, I’d been successful in my business a whole lot sooner, lol. :-)   But frankly, back then I was too spaced out and immature to really grasp her training and teachings.

This Dani Johnson book review post is the first of several in a series.  I first want to focus on Dani’s latest book entitled “First Steps to Wealth.”   First let me say that this book the the most PHENOMENAL book I’ve read in my life… next to the bible.  The principles she teaches in First Steps to Wealth are absolutely vital for any business owner (online or offline).  In fact, I want to highlight some of the key points of Dani’s book that stuck out to me the most:

Dani Johnson Book Review Highlights

Dani Johnson Book Highlight #1:

First Steps to Wealth really gets to the core of business building and how to really interact with people, which by the way is the foundation of and lifeblood of any business.  In the book she teaches that in order to gain wealth and be prosperous in life your first have to gain favor with very thing that holds the wealth which are the PEOPLE you must interact with.

Which makes perfect since,  I mean think about it where do all the big corporations get all their money from?  US, the PEOPLE.  Dani also points out in this book the importance of cultivating long term relationships with people and treating them as clients not customers.  There’s a lot more value in having a client base rather than just a customer based which usually indicates just a one time transaction with a person and then the relationship ends.  Treating people like customers is NOT how long term wealth is built.  Dani’s explains in great detail how to build a raving customer base that will literally follow you to the ends of the world and implode you with referral business on demand.  Which a VERY valuable skill to posses.

Dani Johnson Book Highlight #2:

One of the most if not THE most valuable business building technique Dani’s talks about in First Steps to Wealth is the the Core Rapport Methodology.  This method is GOLD when it comes to really building a massive empire of driven leaders and really being able to know how to motivate your team based on each individual personality.  There’s several different components to this method which are discussed in great detail in the book.

Dani show’s exactly how to use what’s call F.O.R.M. which is an acronym for one of the most powerful relationship techniques in the industry today.  Is addition, Dani covers the four different personalities of the people you deal with on a daily bases.  Dani calls these four personalities “Gems”.  These gems are Ruby’s, Pearls, Sapphires, and Emeralds.  I’m a Ruby ;-) Knowing each specific “Gem” allows you to “speak the language” of each of your prospects.  When I read about these gems it made so much sense and I was able to implement this method into my business right away and saw increased retention instantly!

Dani Johnson Book Highlight #3:

First Steps to Wealth doesn’t just focus on business owners and business building techniques.  Dani also discusses how get promotions in your current company (corporate or private), how to nail a job interviews by “interviewing the interviewer” (a fantastic strategy), as well as how to use the very same principals and business building techniques to help your family to flourish and groom your children for success as well.  Dani’s book really is an amazing resource and it’s OVER delivers in value.  Not mention how practical and easy all of her techniques are to implement.

Dani Johnson Book Review BEST Highlight

Dani Johnson Book Highlight #4:

Did I mention that the book is 100% FREE on her website!  Yup, totally free and available to you and everyone you know.  So if you’re looking for validation on a FREE book, you’ve just found it, so now there’s really NO reason not to head over to her website and get First Steps to Wealth RIGHT NOW.  What’s the little 7 bucks you pay in shipping and handling compared to the value it holds?

God bless!

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Dani Johnson Book Review

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