The purpose of this blog post is to kinda lay out for you why creating a blog site is Creating A Blog Siteimportant.  This is the first in a series of posts that I will be doing on why blogging and having an online presence is beneficial to us all especially if you want to expand your business or going to business for yourself.

I get a lot of people who come to me not really understanding what a blog is and why having one is virtually necessary to the success of your business.  I know that when you’re new to the internet marketing world there are new concepts coming at you from all over the place.  However, I think that the most misunderstood and underestimated concept is the importance of creating a blog site and realizing the true power a blog holds.

The Benefits of Creating A Blog Site

Owning a blog is like owning real estate, just online rather than offline.  In the offline world a person who has real estate or land usually has authority, power, and money.  In the online world, a blog is your virtual real estate.  Owning a blog is just as powerful and lucrative, if not more so.  It has the power to do many of the same things land or real estate does offline line.

For instance, real estate and land owners have the ability to make money from their land by renting it out or selling it to companies.  They can also choose to build houses or apartments on their land and rent it out to tenants.  Turning land into a tenant property is a smart move because it allows the owner to earn income from several different people on a monthly basis.  The same is true if the land owner wanted to rent the land to different advertisers who wanted to put bill boards on their property.  The owner would be earning a substantial amount of monthly income from the multiple advertisers as well.

A person who owns a blog online can do the exact same thing.  When you finish creating a blog site you have the ability to earn income from the blog in several ways, much like the real estate owner.  If you optimize your blog correctly and get enough traffic coming to your site, you can sell advertising space on your blog to different people and charge them a monthly fee.  People will pay a substantial amount to advertise on a blog that has high traffic (high traffic means that there are a lot of people who visit the blog monthly).  If you get several people who want to advertise on your blog you can make a pretty good side or part-time income from selling advertising space

Another benefit to creating a blog site is permanent advertising for you, your products, services or company.  What do I mean by that?  Well think of it this way.  When someone starts a new business offline, it’s necessary to market and promote to get the word out about their company.  So promoters will usually spend advertising dollars on printing out lots of flyers and business cards and going around their local area handing out cards and posting flyers.

This is an okay way to promote, however flyers and business cards aren’t a permanent or very efficient way to promote.  Think about when it rains or a storm comes and your flyers get all wet and blown away with the wind.  Or say that a person didn’t like your flyer or business card you left in their windshield or door and they decide to throw it in the trash or rip it up.  That’s a waist of advertising dollars.

Having a blog site is like having PERMANENT flyers and business card that NO ONE can throw away and rip up.  You can use a blog to advertise your products, company or services online and get new customers and clients daily, without wasting money.  This is done through specific strategies and techniques that I will be discussing in the next few blog posts.  I will be going over exactly how to use a blog site to create massive permeate exposure for whatever you want and how to leverage the power of you blog to build you multiple streams of income.

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See you at the top!

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Creating A Blog Site


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Creating A Blog Site


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