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Affiliate Percentages Breakdown

TI-BRIM Online pays its affiliates a 10% Commission as a services based affiliate program on all sales.

Getting Started:

In order to earn any affiliate commissions from promoting our services you must be partnered directly with Ti Roberts, CEO of TI-BRIM Online in the Empower Network at at- least the $25 level.

To sign-up for the Empower Network and join our affiliate program, please Sign-up here

If you’ve gotten this affiliate information and you’re not yet partnered with us in the Empower Network, please watch the Empower Network orientation video RIGHT NOW by clicking here.

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As an additional benefit of being partnered with us in the Empower Network, not only will you enjoy 10% commissions on all consulting sales, you will also be positioned to earn instant residual 100% commissions for every person you refer to the Empower Network.

How Payments Are Made:

All affiliates will be paid on the 10th of the month for the volume produced in the previous month via PayPal, giving you instant commissions.

If you do not already have a PayPal account, please go here now to get one for Free.  Once your account is established, you will be notified of the payment every 10th of the month when we transfer payment into your account.

How Much You Will Earn:

We pay our affiliates 10% commissions on all consulting sales.  This is how it works:

  1. You promote our services on your blog, through social media sites, through your list, word of mouth, to your local network, or however you choose to spread the word.
  2. The client you refer will fill out an application where they will be asked how they heard of our services, the client will put your name down and you will get credit for the order (be sure to tell the client to put your name down on the application).
  3. For every additional buyer that is referred by you, your commissions will begin to accumulate, allowing your earnings to grow.
  4. If the buyer orders $1,000 in services, you will be given a one-time 10% of that order which amounts to $100.
  5. On the 10th of the month, a payment will be made to you via paypal for all the orders that took place in the previous month, in the amount of 10% of your total referred orders.
  6. As an additional benefit of being partnered with us in the Empower Network, if the client you refer orders a monthly maintenance package with the specific ‘blog maintenance’ service included, you’ll earn $25 residually for the client, as we will place them directly with you in the Empower Network so you’ll benefit even more from the EN 100% commission structure.
  7. Furthermore, if your referral client orders a ‘training package’ and wishes to be trained personally by us, either the $100 or $500 Empower Network training product will be presented and offered to the client.  If the client decides to purchase these Empower Network trainings as a part of their training package, you will earn an extra $100 residually or $500 one time up-front payment in 100% commissions from the Empower Network in addition to the 10% commissions paid to you from us.

TI-BRIM Online is dedicated and committed to you and your success.  We’ve designed, integrated, and implemented the Empower Network into our consulting services as a way to further help you build your income and allow you to benefit even more for referring clients to us.  The benefits of the Empower Network will be presented to all qualified clients in terms of the cutting edge training, lucrative businesses, and the one of a kind 100% commission compensation structure.  This will allow you to leverage our expertise in presenting how the Empower Network will further benefit the client when used along with our consulting services, which will in turn enable you to earn more money both upfront and residually.

Our mission is to provide high quality services to our clients while assisting our personal affiliates in earning additional monies outside of the 10% commissions you earn from being an affiliate of ours.  We desire to truly help you drastically increase your income and rapidly fill your Empower Network organization with high quality partners that will continue to pay you for years to come.

DISCLAIMER:  Every effort will be made on our part to upsell the clients you refer on the importance and benefits of adding the Empower Network to their current consulting services; however we make no promises that all of the clients will desire or see the value in what Empower Network offers.

All Empower Network incentives and commissions are based on the order# in which the client falls under you according to the Empower Network compensation structure.  If you have not viewed or do not understand the comp structure of the Empower Network, please take a few minutes to view the compensation breakdown video RIGHT NOW by clicking here.  It is VITAL that you have at least a basic understanding of how the Empower Network compensation structure works so there will be no confusion with the Pass-up or “Power-line” incentive payment plan.                                  

Have Questions or Need Support?:

If you have any questions or need support for anything regarding our website or the affiliate program, please contact us by clicking here.