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Facebook is one of the quickest ways to send a typhoon of traffic storming to your website.  With it being one of the most active social networking sites on the planet and boasting over 750 Million active users, Facebook is a  great way to gain more exposure, build your authority and ultimately attract more subscribers to your list.

While Facebook can prove to be the fairy Godmother of free social traffic, it can quickly turn into a time sucking leachSlowly draining your productivity into an endless black hole of “liking” various irrelevant FB posts and sharing yet another cool and inspiring quote that’s not really helping your bottom line.

Does this sound familiar?? :)

Well, In today’s post I want to share 7 simple steps that will help you streamline your Facebook marketing, radically increase your traffic, and put an end the Facebook productivity death grip. Read the rest of this entry

I wanted to share with you a little known paid traffic strategy that I’ve recently learned about.

Some of you seasoned IM’ers may be aware of this method so this post is specifically for you new marketers that my need other ways to generate traffic and build your subscriber list.

Paid marketing is one of the fastest ways to build a laser targeted list of subscribers and start generating quick cash flow. While SEO on the other hand is also great for generating targeted traffic, let’s face it, it can be slow as cold molasses and dang near evasive with the Google Gods engineering random updates whenever they get “in the mood”. Likewise, PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the best paid marketing methods, but can drill a leaking hole in your wallet if you’re not careful.

If you have a marketing budget to play around with, here’s 5 steps to follow so you’re able to leverage and integrate the power of SEO and paid advertising while dodging the PPC learning curve. Read the rest of this entry

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