Vimeo Plus Review: Why Vimeo Plus Beats YouTube With A Steel Bat!

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Interesting title, huh? Yeah, I thought so too. It’s also kinda gory, which only adds to it’s appeal, I think, so I figured I’d just roll with it. As you might’ve already guessed, this is going to be a review post on Vimeo’s paid video hosting, more specifically the Vimeo Plus monthly service. I decided [...]

Traffic Dashboard Review: From ZERO to 30,000+ Visitors In 4 Months?

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 Note to the SEO Rebel Community: Unfortunately since the writing of this review, Traffic Dashboard has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. I know, bummer, right? However, I still wanted to leave this review published because I feel it’s a valuable and useful post, nevertheless. Also, I’ve since created my own traffic product that I’m [...]