Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Today I just had to get this post out to let you know the truth about the best paying affiliate programs.  In this post I’m going to reveal why you should NEVER settle for less and why when looking for the best paying affiliate programs you deserve to receive 100% commissions.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs, So How Much Are You Worth?

If you’re researching the best paying affiliate programs and wanting to generate an income online, then you first need to determine how much you want to get compensated per sale you make.  How much do you feel your time and production is worth?  Are you willing to settle for only part of the profits you generate?  Don’t get me wrong, there are many affiliate programs that offer some reasonable commission percentages – 40%, 50%, 75%, there’s even some programs that offer 90% commissions.  I’m actually partnered with some of those programs and I’ve made a decent income from promoting them, however they are far from the best paying affiliate programs.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs, Do You Deserve 100% Commissions?

I’ve recently come across a truly phenomenal affiliate program that has proven to be a MASSIVE game changer for affiliate marketers, internet marketers, internet network marketers, online business developers, small business owners, or just ANYONE who wants to dramatically increase their quality of life and finally begin making the income you deserve to receive.

Why? Two words… 100% Commissions.

Empower Network – Best Paying Affiliate Programs:

It’s called the Empower Network and it’s literally taking the internet by storm.  I’m sure you’ve probably already heard the buzz about them emerging as one of the Best Paying Affiliate Programs.  If not here’s some quick information and mind blowing stats on Empower Network.

  • As of this blog post, Empower Network has paid out $773,024.20 in commissions and has over 6000 affiliates.
  • Their growing at a rate of 550 new members a day and that’s all in only 17 days since it first launch on October 31st.
  • Empower Network is the only affiliate program that allows you to be a founding member and earn 100% commissions on every sale you make.
  • Your customer payments are deposited INSTANTLY directly into you current bank account, so there’s no waiting for affiliate checks in the mail.  That means as soon as a customer enters in their credit card information and hits submit, $25 – $625 is available to you instantly.
  • Not only that, there’s built in residuals and you can earn between $25-$100 monthly residuals, per customer.
  • Furthermore, the earning power of Empower Network is so massive, you can literally OUT EARN the entire company.  In fact, there’s already at least one affiliate that has.

In my opinion, Empower Network is one of the Best Paying Affiliate Programs on the internet today, in fact THE best program yet!

If you haven’t joined Empower Network yet, I’m telling you, you NEED to get in NOW.  It will be THE BEST move you’ll ever make as an affiliate marketer or whatever profession you’re in and you’ll finally be partnered with the Best Paying Affiliate Programs.

So here’s what you need to do next:

1.) Delete your browser cookies before clicking the link above (or below)

2.)  Watch the video here –>>Empower Network Video

3.)  Then join here –>>  Join Empower Network

4.)    Call me for a Free coaching session where I’ll share with you some of my marketing secrets that generated me $500 my first day in.

I look forward to your first $1000 day! :-)

God bless,

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Best Paying Affiliate Programs

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