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Best Home Based Careers

Researching the best home based careers isn’t always an easy task.  It takes patience, diligence and can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  This is why in this blog post I’m going to cut your research time down considerably and give you some suggestions and ideas on the best home based careers and which one may be best suited for you.

The first thing you need to remember when researching the best home based careers is that you want to keep your current dreams and goals in mind.  Think about what it is that you really want to do.  Ask yourself “What is that I’m really passionate about?” “What could I see myself working diligently towards daily?”

If you’ve been involved in or have been researching home based careers for some time now, or this is your first time looking into a home based career, I can understand that you may be confused or even frustrated.  And that’s okay, take a deep breath.  Today’s a new day and a brand new start :-)

The best home based careers are ones that you’re excited about!  It’s going to be something that you carry in your spirit, something that you can’t wait to get out of bed to do every morning.  Which, by the way is the advantage between choosing to have your own home based career and a having to work J.O.B.

There are TONS of choices out there when it comes to picking the best home based careers, literally thousands of options.  So what I’m going to do for you is cover the four most popular home based careers, as well as share with you some vital suggestions and tips that will help you to be successful in the particular home based career you choose.

The top 4 and most popular best home based careers are as follows:  Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling, Network Marketing, and Internet Marketing.

Of course, you could always develop your own business plan, with your own original business idea, and start your own home based career from scratch, however the reality of the matter is that within the first two years, 90% of traditional businesses fail.

It’s a lot less riskier, and honestly, you have a much higher chance of success if you partner with a business that has a proven success rate and is a company you’re certain will still be thriving twenty, thirty, even fifty years from now.  Plus, once you’ve a good foundation, who’s to stop you from launching your own company later on down the road?  However, a stable foundation is what should be most important in the beginning.

The Best Home Based Careers #1:

Affiliate Marketing – This is the first of the best home based careers.  Affiliate marketing is a kind of Internet marketing but the difference is that you’re not creating your own products, or having to manage payrolls, billing, or even employees.  What affiliate marketing actually allows you to do is sell other companies products and services and get paid commissions when they are sold through you.  There’s countless different products you could sell thorough affiliate marketing, and most programs usually pay out anywhere between 50%, 75%, even 90% commissions when their products/services are sold.

The Best Home Based Careers #2:

Direct selling – This is the second of the best home based careers.  While direct selling is one of the most popular home based careers and allows you to work form the comfort of your home, I personally don’t think that it’s as beneficial as network marketing.  It’s basically like a job where your job title would be “virtual sales rep.”  Some direct selling examples would be calling clients or businesses to sell them a product or service, essentially telemarketing.  Normally in direct selling you’re the sole proprietor and you lack the leverage and benefits of having a team to work with and for you.

The Best Home Based Careers #3:

Network Marketing – This is the third of the best home based careers.  I personally think that network marketing is the best home based career period.  Network marketing cleverly allows each of their associates to essentially build their own business inside of a larger company.  Each individual person is compensated for not only their own product sales and recruitment efforts, but as well as for the product sales and recruitment efforts of every person on their entire team.

The network marketing structure truly allows you to lead and build your own sales force and be a true business owner.  You’re essentially the CEO of your own small company, but the risk is minimal.  Traditional businesses cost tens of thousands of dollars to start and run, with a costly overhead, whereas the majority of network marketing companies cost $600 or less to partner with, and many others cost less that $80 to join.

The Best Home Based Careers #4:

Internet Marketing – This is the fourth of the best home based careers.  Internet marketing the most rapidly growing home based career venue today.  It’s extremely versatile and blends perfectly with the all of the other home based careers listed above.  By first learning then implementing several different Internet marketing strategies, you’ll be able to use this method to enhance and expand your affiliate marketing, direct sales, or network marketing business.  Furthermore, you could use the internet marketing strategy’s you learn to acquire more clients, offer consultant services, as well as other side projects.

There really isn’t just one “best home based career.”

In all actuality, what determines the success of the home based career you choose is not the company, the product, or even the business model.  It’s determined by the individual person you choose to work with, the training you engage in, how proactive you are in finding solutions to problems, taking the time to learn and educate yourself and your overall resourcefulness when it comes to your business.

I suggest that you simply find and surround yourself with successful people and mimic them.  Become a serious student of those people and do everything that you see them do.  It’s important that you find a mentor or leader and partner with them, a leader who can show you step-by-step what to do, how to do it, and how to effectively market it.

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Best Home Based Careers

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