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Article Marketing Robot

I’ll just be honest with you, article marketing sucks! Yup, I really don’t particularly like article marketing.  Come on, you know what I’m talking about don’t you?  The tedious copy and pasting, the signing up for tons of different sites and submitting articles, the waiting to for them to get approved, the changing and rewriting of the content, the back linking, the “this”, and the “that”.  It’s all just too much and can be really overwhelming and swallow up all of your time.

This boring cycle of mundane tasks is why article marketing software in the internet marketing world is MANDATORY.  This is where Article Marketing Robot comes in, and why it is so BRILLIANT!

Article Marketing Robot is by far the very best article marketing software on the market today.  Article Marketing Robot makes article marketing a breeze and simplifies the whole article spinning and distribution process to its most elementary form.  Article Marketing Robot has over 3000+ article directories to submit articles to AND it has one of the most advance article spinning technologies ever.  It signs up for article sites for you and confirms them in your email all on auto pilot.  There’s a built in thesaurus that it uses to generates synonyms for the words in your article content and a ton more!

I started using Article Marketing Robot a few months back and have experience great results.  It only takes me around 15 to 20 mins to spin a 400 to 500 word article and then it only takes about 5 to 10 mins to submit my article to over 3000+ article directories.  Does it really submit to all 3000+ directories?  Yes it does, but I’ll be straight up with you, while AMR does have 3000+ directories, I think I’m only signed up for about1,000 of them.  So my articles usually won’t get posted to all the 3000+ directories.

Out of the 1,000 or so I’m signed-up and confirmed with, I usually average between 600 to 800 successful article submissions, which aren’t back at all!  I’m in the process of resigning up for the other directories using the software.  But either way, that’s still 800 pieces of unique spun content/articles all back linking to my website!  My alexa and backlink score is increasing daily and to see my site steadily decrease in its alexa score and get a stronger reputation is really exciting!  Is that powerful?

Article Marketing Robot has been a real life and time saver as far as my content marketing is concerned.  I can create TONS of spun content and backlinks at the push of a button.  If you’re like me you’d much rather spend your time team building, coaching/training, and being creative instead of doing the boring tasks that is required to get results in article marketing.  When I first purchased Article Marketing Robot, I used it faithfully on a daily basis.  I still use it just as faithfully a few times a week and will soon be outsourcing the entire article marketing process soon.  Even so, my traffic, alexa score, and backlinks still continue to improve daily and that largely due to the awesome power of Article Marketing Robot.

Don’t get me wrong, article/content marketing is a VERY necessary part of internet marketing.  Actually article marketing is in my opinion the best (hands down) internet marketing method.  However to really benefit significantly from this method, a lot of time and effort has to go into it.  Don’t you want to experience the success that comes along with properly doing article marketing?  Imagine the excitement you’ll feel when you see you alexa score start to jump, you backlinks begin to increase, your traffic start to increase, you begin to capture more leads, and generate more income inside of your business!

So get off the fence!  Good article marketing software is MANDATORY if you’re serious about building real income online and AMR is by far the best software out there.  Click and try the Article Marketing Robot software free trial NOW and get ready to experience massive growth!

God Bless!

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Ti Roberts


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Article Marketing Robot


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