Ya’ know one of the biggest things I struggled with when I first
got into internet marketing?

It was actually just figuring out “how” to get started.

Sure, I heard all the amazing stories about how Mr. “Guru” achieved
(insert amazing result here), but I never quite grasped the process
behind the results they claimed.

It was like being the only sober kid at a frat party.

And even when I did give in to all the hype and I actually purchased
the product, I always felt like there was still something missing.

I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars and countless late nights
trying to figure this thing out and ya’ know when it actually clicked
for me?

It was when I actually got away from all the hypey gurus and stopped
trying to chug down every keg can they threw at me.

A lot of gurus in this industry have the same bells and whistles.

They achieve an amazing result, throw together a product, hype the
heck up out of it, suck us into buying it and then after all of the
hype dust settles, we’re left there with this supposed magic system,
product, gizmo or gadget wondering why the switch seems to be broken
for us.

7 years in this industry has taught me a few things:

1.) Everyone is unique and has their own string of originality.
These “one size fits all” marketing systems may work for some but
not everyone and in order to build a solid online business you
MUST set yourself apart from the masses.

2.) Using hype to sell a product isn’t the best sales tactic,
especially when you’re not planning on investing your personal time
with your customers. Behind every email, there’s a real living,
breathing human being and you must take time to build a relationship
with them. You can’t just hammer them with hard hyped up sales pitches
and expect them to buy from you.

3.) People respond much better to real, concert, actionable content -
where they can actually witness first hand “how to” step-by-step
achieve a specific result rather than just coming in at the tail
end of the hype train.

This is the very foundation that I’ve built my business around and
it’s what I exemplify every week in the weekly traffic case studies
on my blog.

Concrete evidence, proof and “how to” steps to begin creating the
traffic results that you want to achieve in your business
- from scratch – even if you just started your blog yesterday.

On the other hand, I realize that everyone is not the same and
some people may require more attention than others.

So, I’ve decided to strip away all the BS, step up to the plate
and do something that most people in this industry aren’t willing
to do.

Be on the look out for my next email. I’ll be sharing with you
exactly what we’ve been working on to shut down the hype parties
disinfect the “guruitus”.

Speak soon,


P.S. Internet marketing is not just about making money online. It’s
about doing everything that you can to help others become successful
as well. As the old saying goes “If you help enough people get what
they want, you will always get what you want.”

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